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This is a large gully which we lined and then we retiled over the EPDM.

This one had five polycarbonate roof domes fitted. It is nice and light in there now.

This is a barn we reroofed. We had a great view on this one!

This photo shows the barn from another angle so you can see the valley.

No more leaks on this double garage.

This single garage has a nice slope for excellent water drainage.

This is a roof that we fitted to a golf course clubhouse. We tried not to watch the golfers while fitting this one!

If your roof is L shaped, or any other shape, it is no problem.

Detached garage roofs can be installed with a single sheet of EPDM membrane.

Another nice and neat double garage roof.

Another roof on a commercial building. All stock is safe and dry.

Here are a few of our previously fitted flat roofs. We install to both domestic and commercial properties. If you need a new roof installed, or your existing roof replaced, just give us a call!

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