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Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

The first thing to do is to give us a call or an email so we can talk about the roof and arrange a survey. When we visit we will measure the roof and inspect the decking. We can take photos of your roof to show you if you have not been able to take a look yourself. We can also inspect the fascias. If  they need replacing, it often makes sense to do that at the same time as the rest of  the roof. It can be possible for us to do this without you being present if you have other commitments.

We have a portable sample roof which we carry. This allows you to see the EPDM material, edge trims, gutter etc so you can see how the whole system works. We will usually leave you with a written quote so you don’t have to wait for one to come through the post. It is also possible to email you a quote if preferable. After that, at your convenience you can call or email to arrange installation. We will let you know how long the installation will take and arrange a date. You don’t have to be in when we install, if you have work commitments, it is not a problem and we can still install your flat roof. We clean everything up and take all the debris with us when we leave, leaving your home and garden clean and tidy. We are experienced roofing contractors and we will never leave a roof until you are completely satisfied with the work.

So give us a call/email for a quote today!

 Will I need to have the whole roof replaced?

 This does depend on the quality and integrity of your current roof deck. If the deck is soft, then the boards will need to be replaced with new 18mm OSB decking. If you have good quality tongue & groove decking, this is not always necessary, we can overboard good decking once the felt has been stripped with 11mm OSB decking.

The boarding required will be determined at the time of survey.

Do you install new build roofs?

We install a lot of new build roofs for builders, including DIY enthusiasts that have built their own buildings. EPDM is an excellent choice for new builds as it is so robust and hardwearing. Some people like to do as much of the building work as they can, including the boarding and just have us to install the roof membrane. Others prefer us to take care of the boarding and everything else. We cater for both, so whatever your requirements, just contact us for a quotation or advice.

Do you install fascias & guttering?

Fascia and guttering replacement is another service that we offer. There are usually several different options depending on the property in question. UPVC fascia is maintenance free, which puts an end to climbing up ladders with tins of paint year after year. Often if the flat roof is being replaced and the fascias need replacing or covering, it makes sense to do the two at the same time, but it’s not always necessary and if the fascias are solid then it can be possible to only replace the roof.

 Do you install insulation?

 This can be installed depending on the roof in question. There are usually several different options available. Like fascias, if there is a possibility of improving or renewing your roof insulation at the same time as the flat roof is being renewed, then it can be a good idea. The best way to determine how to do this will be explained at the time of the survey.

 What guarantee do you provide?

 We offer a full twenty year installation guarantee for all of our work covered by Rain Defence Roofing. We also provide a ten year insurance backed guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Do you remove asbestos roofs?

We work with a licensed asbestos removal company when we have asbestos roofs to replace. They remove the old roof, we then install the new one. If you have an asbestos roof, then it is no problem, just give us a call and we can arrange removal and installation so there is no need to mess about calling round different companies for different quotes. Plus you have the assurance that the asbestos is removed safely and disposed of correctly.

 What are the advantages of EPDM over felt?

 This is a common question! Felt is well known by many as it has been fitted for years in the UK. However it has been superceded nowadays. EPDM is a rubber membrane that has various advantages over felt and are some of those advantages.Firstly EPDM can be fitted in most cases in one piece, without seams or joins. This is an advantage as in a lot of cases, joins are a weak point on traditional felt roofs.Secondly EPDM is a totally inert material that doesn’t react to heat or light. This is a major advantage as felt not only gets more brittle with time, it also splits and cracks as it expands and contracts.Thirdly EPDM is maintenance free. There are other roof systems out there that require stone chippings or paint over the top of them. This is generally done to stop UV rays from hitting the material as they make it shrink and crack. The problem is that repainting regularly and clearing up stones that are blown off the roof is not ideal and also these measures never really protect the roof particularly well either. EPDM can be fitted in most cases with one piece of material, requires no maintenance and lasts for fifty years plus. As the lifespan of an EPDM flat roof is far longer than felt, it makes sense to fit it once and never worry about your flat roof again.

 How long will it take?

 Obviously this depends on the roof in question, but we aim to complete most domestic garage and home extension roofs in one to two days.

 What about the old roof / mess?

 We take all of the debris with us and clean up thoroughly. We will complete the installation with the minimum of disruption, leaving you with nothing but a nice new roof.

 What areas do you cover?

 Our flat roofing services usually cover Nottingham, Derby and the rest of the East Midlands. However we are happy to operate further afield than Nottingham / Derby so if you have a flat roofing or fascia problem, then please contact us for a free quotation. If you need a roofer, just get in touch!


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